Andrea Bocelli And Ed Sheeran Join Forces To Perform “Perfect” And It Has The Goosebumps Forming All Over

Well, what can we say, on one hand, we have romantic singer Ed Sheeran singing Perfect, which is becoming a hit for all couples, and on the other, we have the legendary opera singer Andrea Bocelli doing what he does best…bringing out the goosebumps. Put them both together and we have magic!

Ed Sheeran is growing up to be a very confident singer in the music industry. He lets himself explore different singing styles and experiment with various partners! He absolutely nailed this one! People across the globe are going crazy about this new single and the best thing about it is that it caters to all audiences.

The video shows the process of how the song is created and produced. Filmed at Andrea Bocelli’s house in Tuscany, the intimate video only makes the song more meaningful. Ed Sheeran traveled to see Andrea because he had a hunch that the English/Italian duo would pull off something magical. And he succeeded!

We love the fact that Andrea Bocelli is singing his part his own way because that deep voice of his has chills running down our spines.

Did you have goosebumps like the rest of us? If you did, please pass this video on to your friends and family so they can fall in love with it too.


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